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Practice Exam Papers

Practice Exam Papers

To help pupils to revise and prepare for their Maths and Numeracy GCSE's there will be a practice exam paper every week. Experience tells us the best way to revise Maths is to practise maths.

At the beginning of every week there will be a paper and at the end there will be the mark scheme.

Pupils can either download the paper and work on a paper copy or from the screen.

The most effective strategy for pupils to use is:

1) Complete as much of the paper as possible in exam conditions.

2) Once as many of the questions have been answered as possible pupils should then look up the topics. Pupils can use their exercise book, a revision guide, Corbett Maths, You Tube, Google, a friend or family member.

At the end of the week when the mark scheme is sent, pupils should mark their paper. If there are any questions pupils do not understand how the answer was achieved they should seek support from their maths teacher.

There are 3 papers.

Set 1 Higher

Sets 2 and 3 Intermediate

Sets 4 and 5 Foundation

2 tier alt foundation paper 1 2008
Foundation June 08 - mark scheme
Higher June 08 - mark scheme
Intermediate June 08 - mark scheme
Jun 2017 unit 1 F
June 2017 unit 1 H
June 2017 unit 1 I
June-2017-Unit-1-F mark scheme
June-2017-Unit-1-H mark scheme
June-2017-Unit-1-I mark scheme
June-2017-Unit-2-F mark scheme
June-2017-Unit-2-H mark scheme
June-2017-Unit-2-I mark scheme
Mark Scheme Nov 2017 Unit 1 F
Mark Scheme Nov 2017 Unit 1 H
Mark Scheme Nov 2017 Unit 1 I
Nov 2017 Unit 2 F
Nov 2017 Unit 2 H
Nov 2017 Unit 2 I
June 2018 Unit 1 (F)
June 2018 Unit 1 (H)
June 2018 Unit 1 (I)
Mark scheme June 2018 Unit 1 (I)
June 2018 Unit 2 (H)
June 2018 Unit 2 (I)
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