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Headteacher: Adele Slinn

Ysgol Bryn Alyn

Church Street



LL11 4HD


Telephone: 01978 720700

Fax: 01978 752889


Please understand that staff are not always available to speak or meet with you immediately due to teaching and other commitments.  Please leave a message with reception for the member of staff you wish to speak to.  That member of staff will get back to you within 48 hours.  If you wish to email the member of staff, please use the email address above and state that the email is for the attention of that particular staff member.

If you have a query/issue about a particular subject, please direct it the appropriate Head of Department:

  • English - Miss K Trevor
  • Science - Mr J Gordon
  • Maths - Mr J Scragg
  • Art - Mr D Rowland
  • D&T - Mrs J Franklin
  • French - Mrs E Threadgold
  • Geography - Mr G Jones
  • Music - Miss H Welsby
  • PSE - Mrs B Evans-Lea
  • History - Miss S Griffiths
  • P.E. - Mr A Jones
  • R.E. - Mrs S Hennessey
  • Additional Needs - Mrs J Wellings-Davies
  • Welsh - Mrs V Byrne
  • Prince's Trust - Mrs B Evans-Lea
Achievement Co-ordinators / Form Tutors:
  • Year 7: Mrs L Jones 
  • 7Y Mrs E Phillips/ Mrs E Rees
  • 7S Mrs R Harrison
  • 7G Miss S Liddell
  • 7O Mr S Kelly
  • 7L Mrs S Davies
  • 7B Mr M Roberts
  • Year 8: Mrs L Jones
  • 8Y Mrs J Franklin
  • 8S Mr A Aspinall
  • 8G Mrs C Jones/ Mrs J Sidwell
  • 8O Mrs S Hennesey/ Mrs E Rees
  • 8L Mr G Jones
  • 8B Mrs J Davies
  • Year 9: Mr Hughes
  • 9Y Mrs J Defries
  • 9S Mr A Peters
  • 9O Mr D Rowland
  • 9L Mrs H Welsby
  • 9B Mr A Jones
  • Year 10: Mr W Beddoes
  • 10Y Mrs C Ffoulkes
  • 10S Mr AB Jones
  • 10G Mr I Ledger
  • 10O Mrs P Wildblood
  • 10L Mrs E Threadgold/ Mrs E Jenkins
  • 10B Mr J Gordon
  • Year 11: Mrs L Norris
  • 11Y Mr J Scragg
  • 11S Mrs V Byrne
  • 11G Mr I Lockhart
  • 11O Miss S Griffiths
  • 11L Miss K Trevor
  • 11B Mrs B Evans-Lea



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