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New Curriculum




“YBA has uncompromising aspirations for every individual and for our school to be an exceptional and inspirational community of lifelong learners.”


Education at YBA is changing from September 2023, YBA will be moving to the delivery of the New Curriculum for Wales (NCFW) for Year 7 and Year 8. This new curriculum is designed by teachers for the pupils we teach, and over the last 2 years staff at YBA has been developing both the content and the pedagogy to ensure that learning at YBA is exciting, relevant, and inspiring.


The new curriculum at YBA has been built around our 3 key values of DREAM, REACH and ACHIEVE and underpinned by our commitment to ensure that:

  • YBA is a successful and vibrant learning community where both students and staff develop the      resilence to succeed as lifelong learners.
  • YBA students receive high quality teaching and learning experiences which inspire and develop both key knowledge and skills.
  • YBA creates equality of opportunities and removes disadvantage.
  • YBA achievement is recognised and celebrated, and ambition is encouraged.
  • YBA has high expectations of our students, staff and wider community.
  • YBA supports our students, staff and communities to feel happy and safe and willing to engage with our school.

The new curriculum for Wales is based around six broad areas of learning and experience (AOLES) and the four core purposes of the curriculum.


The Areas of Learning and Experience at YBA


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 YBA NCFW Curriculum Statement - LINK 


 Parents Guide NCFW - LINK

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