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Introduction to the subject:

The Welsh Baccalaureate is the flagship qualification of Wales. At the heart of the Welsh Baccalaureate is the Skills Challenge Certificate which comprises 3 challenges and 1 individual project;

The Enterprise and Employability Challenge, The Community Challenge and The Global Citizenship Challenge. In addition students must complete an Individual Project on a topic of interest to them.

The Skills Challenge Certificate is a standalone qualification however pupils must obtain the skills certificate in order for them to qualify for them Welsh Baccalaureate.

To gain the full Welsh Baccalaureate students must also achieve a C grade in Maths Numeracy GCSE or Maths GCSE and English Language GCSE plus three other qualifications at the relevant level. Attainment of the Welsh Baccalaureate is evidence of both academic achievement and the development of the essential skills that large employers and universities believe are vital to succeed.

The Welsh Baccalaureate faculty is made up of a cross curricular team of dynamic and innovative staff, who deliver a course that develops a wide range of skills ranging from numeracy, literacy and digital literacy to creativity and innovation. The Welsh Baccalaureate is completed by all students from Year 10 and year 11 and is a culmination of the skills students have developed during their school career.

Skills certificate https://www.qualificationswales.org/english/qualifications/welsh-baccalaureate/skills-challenge-certificate/

Welsh Baccalaureate explained https://binged.it/2HohcfT



The skills challenge certificate is completed during KS4 only.



Skills Challenge Certificate

Students’ work for each component of the Skills Challenge Certificate is marked by teachers in schools and colleges, and after internal standardisation, a sample of work is moderated by WJEC.

At Foundation and National levels, the Skills Challenge Certificate is the same size as a GCSE, and at Advanced level the Skills Challenge Certificate is the same size as an A level. The Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate carries UCAS tariff points.

To be awarded the Welsh Bacc, learners must achieve the SCC and the other qualifications that it specifies. The Welsh Bacc at each level is graded as a pass or fail.

The Skills Challenge Certificate is a standalone qualification. It can still be achieved and awarded even without the other qualifications that make up the Welsh Bacc.

The Skills Challenge Certificate is graded as follows:

Foundation level 1 – Pass* and Pass

National level 2 – A to C

Advanced level 3 – A* to E


Useful links for KS4:

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Reading material:

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