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Introduction to the subject:

Science seeks to explain the world around us, addressing big questions around living things, chemical reactions and the fundamental properties of matter and the universe. Students address these questions whilst developing the skills needed for scientific enquiry and the analysis and evaluation of scientific data.



At KS3 students follow a balanced Science course based on the Exploring science resources. This incorporates the three Science disciplines: Biology, Chemistry
and Physics. Pupils are taught fundamental scientific skills and they have the opportunity to carry out some of their work as investigations in the
laboratory. Their work is continually assessed in line with the current National Curriculum and the Skills Framework for Wales.


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At KS4, all students study Science. Students may study GCSE Science Double Award, which results in them achieving 2 GCSEs. Many students choose to take Separate Science as one of their GCSE options. These students will receive separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


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Reading Material:

My Revision Notes - WJEC GCSE Science Double Award




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